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the mild summer is over. taking over near triple digit temperatures and sweltering humid. thanks for watching fox 5 midday news, i'm claudia coffey. >> good morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. tucker is joining us now with what all of that means and d arh
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d o teart tehot this morning. >> it sure did. already we're in the upper 80s. ot in a few heah ofrse te he woe ofe he s set to arrive ni a couple of hours. the heat advisory goes into affect at noon. stunties in orange, so to the is where our heat adeasory is and aga the at's the cnabiom humidity and heat, will bibe in excess of 100 degrees this ae erprepared for a prepared fo hot summer afternoon. 88 now at reagan national. that 00 a m.10:00 a.m. we'll get an update momentarily. winds out of the west at 8 miles per ho. lookaaa the regional map. yl 'lcetiti i t8 8 tn atshur heesermpe ur on the map. so you get the idea. we're talking about the record- s kirecord- breaking heat here in washington later this afternoon. our record high for the date is 98 degrees and the forecast, tolieve it or not, is upper 90s
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about 100 today. there is your morning satellite radar. lots of sunshine and haze and humidity. this theme will continue this afternoon. it should be mostly sunny. could be an isolated thunderstorm. in west virginia here is a little band of thunderstorms. could be an isolated thunderstorm in the west but here in washington we'll stay dry with heat and plenty of sunshine. near record heat. high temperare 99 degrees. so we'll have a cool down and we'll let you know when that will arrive and talk more about the heat coming up. back to youguys. >> tucker, thanks very much. and our big story continues to be the heat. it will be dangerously hot. d.c. is opening cooler center and extending the hours at the pool. >> and sherry ly is live in northwest where one of the pools just opened moments ago. you are in the perfect spot now, right by the pool. >> i am. and if i had a swimsuit on i would jump in. not a lot of people here at the pool now but they have just opened. it is getting hotter here by
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the minute. i tell you the breeze makes it feel a little bit better right now. the heat wave is blanketing the washington region for a second straight day and everybody is looking for a way to cool off. the sun beat down on washington with searing heat. the normally cool mornings are anything but for people gotting early morning exercise. jackie rogers knew by lunchtime her daily walk would be out of the question. too hot. >> it's already a process and it's hot already. >> and it's probably 20 degrees less than it will be. >> and that's why i'm out here early. >> reporter: and the temperature is rising rapidly. expecting to top out near 100 degrees. perhaps a day to spend less time looking at the manuments and more time -- monuments and more time in the museums.
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runner ardy knows. >> just hydrate. drink a lot of water. >> reporter: or you may prefer a dip in the pool. d.c. is keeping city pools over an hour longer. after doing hours around the track, kimberly and her kids could use a cooldown. >> we might go home and put on our bathing suits and go for a dive next. >> i don't want to go fast because it's 80 or 90 degrees and the water is cool and i can sit in there and cool off. >> reporter: for the first few months of summer the heat and humidity were nowhere to be found until now. >> the sun is definitely beating down harder than normal. >> reporter: summer has arrived with a hot blast. >> and the city has opened four cooling centers, two in northwest and one in southeast and one in northeast for those people would do not have a way to cool off. the elderly and young children are the most susceptible in this heat and we just can't say
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it enough, these --thesee temperatures are just dangerous. back to you. >> thank you. more troubl agtedr ony the n s.atrtragedy on the trck a maepwas killed while doing work on the orange line. he was hit by a piece of equipment before 10:00 last night. about halfway between dunn loring and the vienna stations. crew of 10-15 employees were replacing cross ties on the track at the time. the victim's namhas not been released. a near miss train collision 3.5 the ddly th deasdly crash in june. >> it happened on march the 2nd on line. the ee li e. the tmergency brake enrgra b to avoid over shooting the stop at potomac station. it stopped just 500 feet from another train. metro says the malfunctioning component was immediately replaced. metro disagrees with a report about this incident.
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the chief safety officer issued a statement that says in part, quote, metro treats station over runed seriously and followed up accordingly. the march incident is a good example of how we follow up on safety concerns and correct the issue when it is identifies. president obama is in mexico for a two-day north america summit for the leaders of canada and mexico. there is likely to be a wide array of topics. doug luzader has more from capitol hill. >> reporter: we'll hear from the three leaders later today. these are generally pretty friendly summits but there are also thorny issues. barack obama, steven harper, and felipe calder own. this is called the three amigo summit but it might not be friendly. for starters there is the swine flu. and the worst could be yet to come when the flu season
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returns. and canada, mexico and the u.s. are in this together. >> i think everybody realized that the flu will be a challenge for all of us and people will be getting sick in the fall and die. people have been dying over the past months from the swine flu. >> reporter: an agreement on swine flu mitigation could be the easy part though. the alarming rise in violence among drug cartels in mexico is starting to spill over into the united states. mexico is waiting for more u.s. assistance. >> and more and more you're seeing different parts of the united states, just the violence that is being produced from the cartels. >> reporter: and then there is the economy. mexico and u.s. have yet to settle access over highways by trucks and mexico has retaliated with tariffs on goods with no resolution in
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sight. and for u.s., canada is the number one trading partner and mexico is third. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> doug, thanks. all three are expected to speak at a news conference at 12:30 noon. we'll stream that for you live on and here at home, swine flu vaccine trials start today. the university of maryland schools will begin testing the vaccine on young adults and senior citizen volunteers. they'll be given two doses about three weeks apart. dr. lisa fitzpatrick from howard university joined us to discuss how those getting vaccinated could not spread germs. >> it is a good time not to touch your face and we inadd vertently touch our -- we inadd vertently touch our face, so covering your no or mouth when you cough and sneeze, we need to do all of those very
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basic things that our mother told us about when we were growing up. >> vaccine trials are going on nationwide. the hope is to have a vaccine ready to go by the fall. now to the tragedy on the a maare back at work looking for the remaining victims. crews hope to pull the wreckage of the small plane out of the river today. >> authorities say the bodies of 7 of the 9 victims have been recovered and two others remain missingch the chopper's wreckage has beenpulled from the river but the piper is a difficult challenge. >> if anyone notices any debris or any other evidence that might wash up on shore that they've seen or that they have, please notify your local law enforcement officials. >> reporter: saturday's mid air collision killed five italian tourists celebrating the 25th wedding anniversary of one of the victims. that victim's wife was not on the chopper. friends say she chose not to go
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because she's afraid to fly. >> the family is about to leave for italy and another part of the family is going to stay for the next two days and then we'll see what is is needed -- is needed for the identification of the bodies. >> reporter: danal alt man and his brother and nephew were on board. >> the plane hit the helicopter and the helicopter ispraling, wi spiraling, went straight down. it was a big splash. >> we saw something fall in the water and then we see a plane minus a wing spiraling out of control. >> the collision happened on a busy strip of air space where pilots fly without air traffic control directions. the ntsb that's they will examine whether tighter air traffic control lis ineeded. ans here at home, a plane crash killing ag a fauquier man it appears the homemade plane
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crashed and edward toss died. hi daughter is being-- his daughter is being treated at a nearby hospital and the faa is investigating. we are following a developing story out of iraq. a wave of violence targeting show eats across the -- shiites across the country. the worse of the attacks happened in months you'll. months-- mozul. coming up, immediate a man who has a new book out. we'll meet the author of a question of freedom. plus a new twist in the saga surrounding michael jackson. a man has come forward claiming to be the biological father of at least one of the pop star's children. we'll have the story coming up. and a woman is arrested at a kentucky fried chicken
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because she didn't get any mustard. we have the details on we have a whole lot ahead this morning right here on fox 5 midday news. 
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a small number of young law enforcement officers who responded to the world trade center at the 9/11 attack have developed an immune system caer. numbers are small and experts don't know if there is an -- a link between the illness and the disaster. but doctors say they should continue to have their health monitored. an associated press investigation has revealed that the governor of south carolina used a plane to take trips. those include sporting events, hair and dental appointments, political party gatherings and
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a birthday party for a campaign donor. former spokesperson for sanford said every time they used the plane it was for official business. mrs. schriever, the sister of john f. kennedy is best known for organizing the first special olympics is in the hospital. she is 88 years old. and now to the michael jackson saga. a close friend is claiming to be the biological father of paris. the british abloid news of the world is reporting that the children's god father has come forward out of concern for the children. former child star mark lester says he donated his sperm at a london fertility pregnant to impregnant debbie rowe he says he and jackson were close friends for decades and decided to come forward now because he's being denied contact with the children. he says he's willing to take a pattern test. >> i'm gad forge of his children and he's the god
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father of my kids and whenever michael comes to theu k and we've been to the states, i've been to never land and spent christmas with michael and we've done things over the years. >> and he says his daughter and jackson's daughter paris lookalike. and this sunday is the second year of life day. more than 10,000 book bags will be given to at risk kid as tending schools in the d.c. area. it's happening from 2:30 to 6:00 p.m. at the life center in camp springs maryland. earlier this morning we talked with the organizers about the big event. >> our theme this year is called got life. and there are so many dreams that day every day because of a lack of edcation so our goal this year, we're providing the book bags, our goal is to have each book bag filled with supplies. >> we've had wal-mart or giant
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call us and say we need to make a contribution and that's what this is all about because when they can read they live healthier lifestyles. >> for all of the information on the book bag giveaway go to and lookde ror unwe links. 5heox f j shopob continues to highlight opportunities in our air whysh for y. today's job of the day, teacher and lac ssroom assistant positions at bethel prescol c xandina. for more jobs or to post an opening, you can go to our website at and look for the link to the job shop. and if you're looking for a job and have a disability, today is your day. the faa and department of transportation are holding a job fair for thoswith disabilities. go to the holiday in capitol in southwest. this is job fair for people with disabilities and we do have information about that on our website, click on w lin. well imagine trying to get
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a job once you've been in jail. not always easy. >> in fact life after prison can be filled with life long pitfalls learned behind bars unless you come out with the right attitude. >> this morning our steve chenevey talked with someone who went to prison at 16 and he talked about how he worked when he was inside to be a better person on the outside. >> i was young and i didn't understand the things i did as a 16-year-old would impact me for the rest of my moment. it was the first time i ever held a gun or committed crime but in 30 minutes everything changedch i was in prison and found myself staring at a nine year sentence. >> you were convicted of a carjacking, six felonies and spent nine years in the prison syste going in as a 16-year-old and charged as an adult, it seemed like that would be hopeful for many. when you were 16, did you look at it that way when you first got sent to prison? >> no. i think i was more angry
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because i knew i was wrong and made a mistake, egregious error, but i thought i was redeemable and i thought a nine year prison sentence -- i thought any sentence in prison was too much because i was going to be a grown man and i didn't foe how to handle myself. so i was more angry at the prospect of not surviving or of doing anything else but making my mom cry so the anger motivated me in the beginning and i just changed in the act of being better started to motivate me more as i got into my answer. >> for so many people we've talked to, two things seem to happen. one is the risk and the temptation of falin with different gangs and more criminal activity, and the other thing is once you get out as not being able to stay straight and falling back into that line. you were inxabe cessful in bein successful at avoiding all of these pitfalls. what did you use for the inspiration to make sure you stayed on the right path? >> i think more me i was never a criminal in the first place. i just made a mistake, a
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terrible mistake. but i held on to that fact when ias in prison and instead of just sitting in prison and playing basketball, i read books and prepared myself for what i wanted to do when i was released and when i came home i had a single focus and that tapped to -- and that happened to be education. and i was able to exelon my own terms and merits and not focus on my past. >> and you have been able to excel. you went to prince george's community college and got a full scholarship at the university of maryland which you just graduated and gave the commencement speech. was it difficult when you were in college? did you tell people you spent time in prison or did you worry they would judge you if they knew that? >> well if it came up in a class discussion, then i felt compelled to pell people because i ought my experience added something to the discussion. but if it didn't come up in the discussion, then i didn't pell people. a lot of my professors knew because they happened to show
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an interest in my poetry and some of the poetry i write is about prison and other than that, people only knew if it came up in the discussion. >> and duane betts will be signing copies and readg from his memoir, a question of freedom at 6:30 tonight at busboys and poets tonight at v street tonight. and the controversy continues. [ yelling ] >> find out why things got ugly at the town hall meeting, and this isn't the only one. we will explain. plus a hotel in new york can cost hundreds of dollars a night but what if we told you you could get one for less than a hundred. what you're giving up for the price a little later. stay with us. (musiclaying
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and welcome back. sand here on this midday, what's cooking, we are cooking up a perfect summer dish. we have the chef and owner of dino here. i wish people at home could smell what it smells like. because if you have tomatoes falling off the vine, this is the perfect thing to do with them. >> absolutely. this is the start of the season, and it's a little late, but they are fantastic. i was at the dupont farmer's market yesterday and the tomatoes were absolutely incredibl mngkia are you making today? >> pan zan ella. and the best tip i can give you is get yourself a good serrated knife and that way your tomatoes, when you slice them upthey didn't get mushy. >> which i didn't know that. we'll have more tips coming up on that and how to get a deal on tomatoes at the farmer's market. how about that for a tease gurvir and tucker. back to you in the studio.
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>> i could live on tomatoes in the summertime and they're starting to come in. >> they're ripening up as we speak. >> well it's so hot. we do need rain. >> probably not today. but a lot of heat and humidity. it is a stifling morning here in the wash -- washington area. i'll give you details on the forecast. and holly is throwing down today. >> i dare you to say i hit like a girl. i'm at old school gym. we are live this morning because we are previewing a boxing match this weekend and it's all ladies on the card. we'll give you the low down live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. explain.
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welcome back. it's coming up here on 11:30. and we've been hot since this morning started early and it's getting even steamier out there. >> so hot tucker has his sleeves up. >> that's how you know i'm up. because i'm featuring just short sleeves for the forecast. i don't get to do this often. >> but at noon we have a heat advisory. >> heat advisory starts at noon and that's a au'secprtion becau when we start the heat it will feel like 100 to en105 this afternoon. the cooler cerns nare open. go to for more information on that. take it easy and stay indoors here as e thnext couple of hours are going to be xi maximum heat advisory. it goes into affect at noon and remains until about 8:00 this evening. and that does include downtown washington, prince george's county and montgomery county and up towards baltimore as well. that's an excessive heat warning for the philadelphia area and the suburbs of
11:31 am
philadelphia because we are not the only ones getting in on the extreme heat today. in fact, very warm temperatures right up into central new jersey and heat stretches down into the carolinas. let's talk records for today. we haven't hit them yet but we might. 98 is the official record for today. 96 at dulles. 100 at bwi. the bwi number is probably safe but dulles will beat their number and our high temperatures will cop out in the -- top out in the upper 90s so the hottest day of the summer expected. so 90 here in washington. it's 11:00 a.m. and we're already at 90. 91 in frederick. a very hot start to the day. ocean city maryland is already 94 degrees. this is -- extremely hot air. this is doing a nice job of
11:32 am
showing you what is going on. put the satellite radar in motion and notice the shower and thunderstorm activity stays to the north. that's because it's riding around this big ridge of high pressure. so not much able to get through. we dhave this one area of showers and thunderstorms in west virginia. the thinking is that it will probably fall apart as it encounters the mountains, but you could see a shower or thunderstorm and cooler temperatures out to the west if enough of the cloud cover can get in there. but for the rest of us, it will be a scorcher this afternoon as the high temperatures are expected to reach the upper 90s. hazy, hot and humid. this will get pushed off the coast into the date day period tomorrow and the cold front will approach. so today and tomorrow to get through and then cooler air by wednesday and thursday and back in the upper 80s near 90. and the heat advisory begins at noon and we'll see if we don't hit records this afternoon. winds out of the west at 5-10.
11:33 am
we don't cool off tonight so you'll need that air- conditioner. partly cloudy with humidity on the increase. overnight low at 76 awinds out of the west at 5 miles per hour. there is a look at your five- day forecast. a hot one tomorrow. and a cold front toward chicago that gets in here. that's a little better. wednesy not bad. 89, could be a scattered thunderstorm for the rest of the week. and by hursday and friday we'll forget we had temperatures near 100 today. so stay cool and stay hydrated and watch the animals. >> absolutely. my little gals want to be inside on days like today. yes they do. thanks, tucker. well the summer scorcher isn't stopping some folks from getting out in the sun. some got out early morning exercise this morning. so if you do have to be out, drink lots of water. d.c. is opening cooling centers between noon and 6:00 p.m. two in northwest and one in southeast and the other in northeast. city is also keeping city pools open an hour longer.
11:34 am
for all of the information on how to stay cool, go to and look under web links. a very different weather scenario in hawaii. people there are bracing for trom felicia. they are getting sandbags ready. it was downgraded to a tropical storm. it is expected to weaken more before hitting hawaii late today or early tomorrow. and wicked weather is wreaking havoc in taiwan. a powerful typhoon forced nearly a million people to evacuate the eastern coast. dozens of people are mission. a six story hotel collapsed and winds reached 80 miles per hour. and just a few hours ago a typhoon hit japan killing a dozen people and flooding hundreds of homes. to the health reform debate, the president -- the president has tmpering flares
11:35 am
on both sides of the aisle. [ yelling ] >> that was the outburst over the weekend. many dismiss accusations that they were rounded up to create problems. >> may indicate some weaknesses in their position on the merits. >> they are resorting to scare tactics and misinformation and obstruction. there was a nationally coordinated meeting to interrupt meetings and stuff like that. i don't expect that to happen here. >> some members of congress have attorneyed their town hall news virtual meetings over the phone because of potential safety concerns. and well chances are you've done it a time or two when you're alone at home or in your car. but these guys right here take their air guitars seriously. >> one of them is going on to
11:36 am
the international competition after competg here in washington. we'll get the highlights and theinner coming up.
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there's an all female boxing show in our area this does. >> and today holly morris is working out with some participants that take it all very seriously, and i know you do too, holly. >> reporter: look at the hardware here. i do. you are working at a world championship belt. this belongs to dusty harris and he's on the poster and he's the son of the owner of the gym, which is old school gym in maryland. but here is the deal. probably a good chance you'll see dusty in the 2012 olympics but our goal is for you to see women competing in those 2012 olympics. when it comes to boxing, that's one of the reasons why it's
11:40 am
important to have a bout like they're having this saturday night at rose croft raceway. and tell me quickly what will happen on saturday? >> we're going to have 15 bouts. the girls are coming. we have a powerful show. a lot of the girls are coming from ring side in good shape and ready to good. >> for people that aren't familiar with female boxing, how bigis it really in. >> it's not that big, but that's why we're building the platform, to make it big. because a lot of the guys will not -- a lot of the promotors will n put many girls bouts on their cards. so that's why i'm having a platform to have a venue to come to every other month and fight and get the ring experience they need. >> reporter: and people will see high level fighting come saturday night. >> of course. >> reporter: and i want you to ta a look at the poster because this is for the event this saturday, the all female amateur boxing tour. and look at this sweet little face and then look at that
11:41 am
sweet little face. it's one and the same. that is key anna. and she's working out with her trainer here this morning eric. and i'm scared to get into the middle of those two. can we take a timeout? so first of all, tell me why you started fighting. >> to relieve stress. >> reporter: well you should be loosey goosey after that. and you specialize training female boxers. >> yes. and i train femal because they listen more. most guys won't listen. and just to train a woman and see the woman fight like a guy. it is really inspiring. >> reporter: and how good is key anna. >> very good. i've been training her for three years. >> reporter: and let's see it.
11:42 am
she's doing it with her ryan tone be-be hat on. can i try it? >> yeah. up jab. >> reporter: what is your tip for me? >> focus and breathe and take your time. cock it and throw it back. >> okay. cock it and pull it back. >> good. i just feel the stress oozing out of me. it's that little exhale that helps. >> or put the face of somebody that made you mad on there. >> reporter: i have just the picture. and we have a link to the old school gym to find out about the wonderful training that goes on here. we also have a connection or a linking to the rose croft raceway website and you can find out all about what is going on saturday night. the doors open at 5:00 and boxing iat 6:00. it's only $20 to get in. back to you guys.
11:43 am
>> holly, you don't need to work out now. you don't need to work out today. not after all of that. >> reporter: i'm going to lose 10 pounds today. i'm glad we decided to do this on the heat advisory. >> you're in the air- conditioning. >> reporter: you thinkthere is air in this gym? if you're heading to new york, it can be fun of but staying in a hotel it can get expensive. but what is the sacrifice for a cheap price? we'll find out. and we'll head back over to studio b. and see what our guest chef is cooking up this morning. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back.
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standing close to somebody is not how close you will have to sleep next to somebody at
11:47 am
one hotel. this gives big apple visitors a chance to save cash. lauren sieveon explains. >> reporter: a night in new york city doesn't come cheap. a room at marriott in times square could run $299. the essex house $309 and the waldorf astoria, $359. but downtown at jane hotel, rooms are less than $100 a night if you're willing to sleep tight. >> the idea was to create luxury in a small space. we call it micro chic. >> reporter: shawn mcpherson bought the former flop house for sailers. the room are about the size of a ship's captain with no space wasted. >> room for your suitcase. >> the bathroom is down the hall and it's unisex. >> do people mind that? >> at this price, you get what you paid for. >> reporter: the hotel is at
11:48 am
maximum occupancy. >> it's an amazing deal. it's ridiculous. it's $200 less than anything else. >> we knew they are small. so he's sleeping on the floor. >> reporter: because the rooms are tiny here, many guests spend time here in the hotel's ballroom. the owners say they wanted this place to look as much like a living room as possible. and what is a hotel without a bar. some folks stop by for a drink but end up spending the night. >> we have fivcocktails and the last item on the list is a hotel room for $99. but it's a reasonable amount. >> reporter: seoul and cheap rooms were the result of the building's architecture been back to. and with travelers looking fodeals, sleeping like a sailer could be the wave of the future. lauren seifon, fox news. >> you saw the standard room.
11:49 am
they offer bunk beds for two peple and captains cabin with a queen or king side bed. and you'll see the stars out at the teen choice awards tonight. they are chosen by teens and tweens. the cast of twilight and the singer miley cyrus were selected and this is what miley cyrus had to say. >> people are lookg forward to new music and i'm just excited about everything. the clothing. i've seen so many girls rocking my clothing line. i love that. it's great. >> the teen choice awards airs tonight at 5:00. and it's time to head back over to studio b. and see what claudia is cooking up. >> you are going to like this. so many tomatos available right now and this is the perfect way to use those in a tuesday can
11:50 am
summer dish. dean gold is with dino on connecticut avenue and he's joining us here today. thanks so much for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> and bringing in the smells of tuscany. thank you. if you can gib -- if you can begin by showing us thes tomatoes. >> i went to dupont market yesterday and i bought from two different stands. this is from heights next step producing. these are german striped tomatoes. they start out red and they turn yellow. and this one is blemished. >> but you said doesn't matter. >> it doesn't matter taste wise but you can get a good deal, and it has a large scar and so you won't see it in the whole foods market because they want the one that's look perfect. but you get these at a good price. i paid less than $2 a pound. >> and it tastes the same too. >> absolutely. and you cut into it and cut
11:51 am
around the scar. >> is there a particular type. >> the more the merrier. >> and how do you cut it without it smushing. >> a serrated knife with a heavy handle. and i just cut out the bad parts and go around from there. and then i'll just cut it up into a bunch of different pieces. this is what i'm making, the first recipe on the website is the chopped tomatoes, add kosher salt, use this salt ahead of time and can be done ahead, the day before, basil garlic, tomatoes and a little bit of oil and that's what we call it. >> and then pan zan ella is the
11:52 am
main dish. >> using the tomatoes. i've got green zebras, golden jubilees. these are all of the different tomatoes. most of them coming from the amish farms in pennsylvania or western maryland. >> and with the breadthat goes in the dish, does it have to be a particular type of bread or you can substitute something else for carb cautious people. >> the best bet is kia that is lower in carbs of you could use couscous. the bread is traditional in tuscany and we're using a sourdough which is our penay and a multi grain. so the multi grain is a little less glycemic. >> let's carve it up. for all participates today we're going to carve it upment and once you chop up all of the
11:53 am
tomatoes this sits? >> it gets nice and juicy. you drain the juice on to the bread to soften it up because the bread is stale. cut it last night. >> which is the point. >> we left it out. stick it on your stove or if you have an oven with a pilot, leave it out there. and i have some of these tomatoes and slice these up. and i have some onions that have been marinaded. baby oions. >> and while you cut up the rest of the ingredients, we'll toss it back to gurvir and all of the details are on our website, so be sure to check that out. we'll be right back. >> okay. 
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the best of the best, the mosttalented air guitarist descended on the 9:30 club for the u.s. air guitar national club. >> the dedicated dreamers were judged on the three things, technical merit and stage presence and something called airness. a fox photo journalist was there to catch the action and griff jenkins in the mix. >> welcome to the 2009 u.s. air guitar championship. [ music ] [ cheering and
11:58 am
applause ] >> the 2009 championship belt to william ocean. >> was that your greatest air moment ever? >> absolutely. i won it once before but to come back and prove that it wasn't a fluke the first time
11:59 am
and to go back to finland and have a chance to take on the world stage, i couldn't ask for me. >> for the u.s. air guitar championship, with the winner william ocean, fox news. >> okay. >> the winner gets a free trip to finland where he will compete in the air guitar world championships later this year. >> those guys are passionate. >> wow. >> i sing in my car, but i don't think i've played air itar. tony perkins plays air guitar. >> not that well. it will be very hot this afternoon with record high temperatures. we can see 99 this afternoon. not much better tomorrow. late afternoon thunderstorms tomorrow and that will give us cooler weather bit end of this week. take it easy this afternoon with lots of water and heed the advice of professionals.
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